We are working with key strategic partners to drive change and sustainability across the UK rail freight industry

A Shared Vision

Our partners share our passion for sustainable and innovative rail freight.

Together we’re collaborating, innovating and revolutionising the way that rail freight services are procured and integrated within supply chains.

Strategic Partners

Let’s introduce you to our experienced and industry leading Partners

Woodland Group

“The eco2loco ‘Port-to-Door’ rail freight service has been thoroughly tested by us, and we are committed to growing it in partnership with iPort Rail to deliver impactful solutions to meet our clients’ needs. This service has proved to deliver a reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable alternative to road haulage. We are moving significant volumes of intermodal containers from UK deep-sea ports to our premises in Doncaster, benefiting from the seamless service reflected in ‘Right-Time-Deliveries’ and significant reduction to our clients’ supply chain carbon footprint”

Luke Fermor

Global Fulfilment Manager

Victa Railfreight

“Victa RailFreight Ltd has partnered with eco2loco to create a ‘landmark’ rail freight service connecting iPort Rail (Doncaster) with vessels operating from Humber Ports (Hull & Immingham). When it comes in to service, the ‘Humber Shuttle’ will be UK’s first express rail freight shuttle service, providing the Region and customers in the north of the UK with a sustainable gateway to the EU and a viable alternative to Dover-Calais.”

Neil Sime

Managing Director


“The strategic partnership between eco2loco and iPort Rail has created a ‘Port-to-Door’ service using rail freight that offers a viable, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to road haulage for the movement of intermodal containers from the deep-sea ports in the South, to our customer-base in the Yorkshire Region”

Justyna Polom-Wilkinson



“GB Railfreight Limited is working closely with eco2loco to build on the Port-to-Door intermodal service from Southampton to Doncaster. This daily service has already enabled over 300 Containers to shift from Road to Rail since April this year and we fully anticipate this service to keep growing .

We look forward to strengthening our collaboration with Eco2loco and encourage further growth in the modal switch to rail, in support of our joint sustainability targets.”

Julie Garn

General Manager

Doncaster College

eco2loco is proud to partner with Doncaster College in support of our digital strategy to transform the way that rail logistics services are sourced and procured and integrated in to low carbon supply chains. The animation created in partnership with Doncaster College Creative Technologies, demonstrates the digital production, design and development talent available through Doncaster College T-Levels (the next level qualifications).

John Stopforth (Director Creative Digital Technologies) says ‘the eco2loco app and supporting animation are an indication of the great opportunities for South Yorkshire businesses to work with inspiring young individuals, eager to learn more about the rapidly chaining logistics industry.

John Stopforth

Director Creative Digital Technologies