Our Journey

We’re changing the way that you access Rail Freight

About eco2loco

eco2loco understands how to move goods across the UK rail network and is working with the UK authorities (Great British Railways) and Partners to deliver increased ‘volume and capacity’; providing a ‘cleaner and greener’ transport alternative to HGVs; under a simple commercial structure. The business was founded off the back of a highly successful Innovate UK / Department for Transport funded project delivered in 2021.
The next part of our journey is to provide the UK market with a non-propriety digital solution to meet the growing demand for sustainable reliable logistics, compliant with HMRC customs requirements.

The UK rail network has the capacity to move an additional 150,000 containers per year
This represents an annual freight value in excess of £2 billion per year
This would save the UK 40 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

Key Milestones

  • February 2020

    eco2loco formed

    We launched eco2loco to commercialise the digital platform off the back of the InnovateUK investment
  • March 2020

    Market tested our App

    We successfully piloted our solution with real-world freight operators and final-mile providers

  • January 2021

    Strategic partnership with iPort Rail

    We partnered with the Independent multimodal global Rail Freight facility

  • March 2021

    Commenced ‘Port-to-Door’ rail services

    Providing seamless connections from sea-ports straight to warehouse doors

2021 and beyond

We are working hard to extend our ‘Port-to-Door’ offering across all intermodal rail freight services and use our Digital Platform to revolutionise rail bookings on new rail freight services – such as the Humber Shuttle Express